mental health in the time of covid-19

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I was planning a different post but to not write about the new coronavirus felt a little like ignoring the elephant in the corner. My thoughts won’t shut up about it. At a time in my life when I rarely dream, it is creeping in when I am asleep. The precarious balancing act of living … Read more

music under my skin

Tape recorder and cassette tape on wooden floor, music

Music is threaded within and amongst the strands of my life. It is the memories, it is the now. It is the smiles, the movement, the sorrow. The discovery of the new, the comfort of the familiar. It has always mattered, always been something I have sought out. Yet this last year music has been … Read more

list for living catch-up

The List for Living is still alive! Yep this time I haven’t left it to flounder away in the vastness of the internet, occasionally sending malicious prods of guilt my way for forgetting it along with my good intentions. Nope. This time I have actually done things from the list. Yes indeed. *pats-self-on-shoulder-in-a-slightly-awkward-yet-proud-of-myself-way* In an … Read more

finding life in the new year…aka the list for living rebooted

painted figures on tarmac celebrating

I am not one for making new year resolutions. I mean – what do you actually get from making them? Other than a feeling of guilt when almost inevitably they fall by the wayside weeks or even days after the clock has struck 12. After all nothing has changed from the hours before midnight to … Read more

taking a year off christmas

bokeh blurred christmas lights

This year the unimaginable has happened. I am not celebrating Christmas. I am taking the year off. I love Christmas. The warmth of the twinkling lights, the feeling from a choir singing carols, finding cards and gifts I think the people I care about will enjoy. It is a time of traditions, of reflection, a … Read more