reflections on lockdown

grafitti text saying '2020 is cancelled' sprayed on a dark wall during covid-19 lockdown

Hi, how are you all doing in these incredibly uncertain and surreal times we find ourselves in? I haven’t been writing. At all. Writing about anything other than covid-19 or lockdown seems wrong. That belongs to other days, to other times. But I didn’t know how I felt about this new world I found myself … Read more

mental health in the time of covid-19

black and white image. silhouette of person looking out a window

I was planning a different post but to not write about the new coronavirus felt a little like ignoring the elephant in the corner. My thoughts won’t shut up about it. At a time in my life when I rarely dream, it is creeping in when I am asleep. The precarious balancing act of living … Read more

position wanted

electronic light sign saying 'the workroom'

I’m trying to find a job. Something people do all the time. It’s a hard slog. I mean, it’s not something many of us find enjoyable…right? It’s usually a necessity; often long, frustrating and drawn-out. Sometimes soul-destroying. And that’s just for most people. Throw in any form of mental illness and the process skyrockets into … Read more

the battle within

I consciously try not to use the word ‘battle’ when talking about my mental health. Not because I think people who use that word are wrong. I think it is important that people talk with the words that are right for them. And ‘battle’ doesn’t feel right for me, doesn’t work. I don’t want to … Read more