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  1. Quinn
    20 May, 2017 @ 20:53

    I love this song. Yes, it makes me feel sad, but in a way that gives my feelings release. And the “hold on” part always makes me feel hopeful. It’s telling you you’re not alone in feeling devastated, and that it will pass. It’s actually quite hopeful if you really listen! I think few people take the time to do that though…


    • Joanna Maguire
      22 May, 2017 @ 08:43

      At last I know someone that ‘gets’ that song too! For it is my perfect feeling down song as it lets me know it is okay to feel rubbish, there is nothing wrong with feeling sad and yes it is so full of hope. I love a good wallow in my thoughts to it ~ always feel better at the end ☺


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