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  1. KathrinS
    16 September, 2017 @ 18:37

    It’s awesome that we can write things out. It can be so helpful at times, in a really cleansing way. I also sometimes have to write things out, just to de-tangle all the confused thoughts in my head!


    • Joanna Maguire
      19 September, 2017 @ 16:30

      I find writing so helpful, it does indeed help to de-tangle all the thoughts smashing around in my head. Does frustrate me though when the words won’t come out!


      • KathrinS
        19 September, 2017 @ 17:31

        Yes absolutely, I feel the same way.


  2. Pat
    17 September, 2017 @ 18:01

    Your words feel so familiar to me. I might have spoken some of them myself! My reasons for writing (and more recently blogging) always re-work themselves and are fluid. The reason I started, though, was to figure out what I thought. I liked the way KathrinS describes it–just to de-tangle all the confused thoughts in her head! At the end of the day, I’m usually much happier with my written words than with my spoken ones. Thanks for your post. I look forward to exploring your site.


  3. Joanna Maguire
    19 September, 2017 @ 16:34

    Thanks for the comment Pat! I get the feeling there are a fair few us that are far more comfortable with writing than talking especially when it comes to our thoughts and feelings.


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