1. updownflight
    18 April, 2018 @ 21:40

    When I was reading this, it was almost like a symbolism of when I eventually get back to work. I’m mean, in so many ways!

    Given the above, it makes me hopeful that I will surprise myself about being able to be a “regular” somewhere that still intimidates me in so many ways. Isn’t it the case with some things (like currently my diet) where suddenly a spark occurs and you can finally do “it”? “It” being whatever seemed so hard or unlikely.

    Keep your routine going. I think as time passes your fears will ease and you’ll feel like others in the gym admire your dedication. I’m sure you’ll see nice changes in yourself in many respects.

    People have no idea of the strength and effort required from people with mental health issues. Sometimes we mistakenly feel we’re weak, but really we’re extra strong in many ways. We push forward with figurative weights on our back that others don’t have.


    • Joanna M
      26 April, 2018 @ 16:40

      I could apply this to so many areas of my life! I think the only way (for me anyway) to become a regular at anything is to treat it like it’s just something that I do rather than something I could do – if that makes sense? So I have my gym time set in my diary and I don’t think about whether or not I want to do it or when to do it…it is already planned and I just go. It seems to work for me.

      Am starting to see changes in me both physical and mental – and starting to recognise/say hello to some of the regulars. So fingers crossed it just keeps getting better and better.

      We are so much stronger than we or anyone else gives us credit for. And we need to remember this


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