it’s oh so quiet…

Rain marks on wet sand

Does it ever happen to you that you think you haven’t done something for a while and then you realise it is actually even longer than you thought? Happened to me today with this blog. Knew I hadn’t posted for a few days…but a week?! Oh my how did that happen…

To be honest its been a bit of an odd week. Something has simply not felt right. Not the usual over the top anxiousness or the sad depression that sometimes still hits me. This was more an absence. A feeling of not being quite here. Of detachment.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their dark moments. I have a few. My main one is to switch off. I shut down and step away. Let whatever is up with me pass. Usually it is quite a conscious decision, this time though it kinda felt outside of my choice. Still I went with it, had an absent few days and now feel like a little more of me is back.

So an odd week as I said. My mental health can still throw me a curveball after all these years of living with its ups and downs. What is it trying to tell me this time?

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  1. KathrinS

    I’ve experienced that feeling, too, before. It’s weird! I usually try to figure out why exactly I’m not feeling myself – sometimes there’s an under-the-surface reason behind it, other times it’s a bit random. Hope the next week will be better for you!!

    Kathrin —

    1. Joanna Maguire

      It’s a really odd feeling isn’t it?! Still got the feeling hanging around…need to shake it off and get blogging again!

      1. KathrinS

        It is very odd, yes! Sometimes it seems to be connected to loneliness with me, or some kind of transition .. Hope you shake it off soon!

  2. Joanna Maguire

    Thank you lovely…it’s getting better. Loving the look of your blog, have given you a follow 🙂

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